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The OMA-model

The OMA model is a new collaborative model that can help solve many of the challenges businesses face related to digital marketing.

The OMA-model illsutration

Most companies need help at an operational level in order to plan, prioritize, implement and analyze marketing efforts. What they yearn for is someone that is both creative and analytical and knows the company well. Ideally this person is a quick learner and holds solid knowledge within different divisions of digital marketing. Although this might sound pretty easy, many companies struggle to obtain people with the required digital skills, and rather decide to employ consultants. Nevertheless, hiring consultants will not solve all your problems. They don’t know the brand to the same extent as an employee, nor the business or the people in it. These are challenges that we believe can be crucial to your success with digital marketing.

To solve these common problems regarding the use of consultants, INEVO developed the OMA model. One of our operational marketing assistants™ gets connected with a customer where he or she works and is present 1-3 days per week. For the remaining working hours, the OMA sits in the professional environment of INEVOs offices.

An OMA is a young, inquisitive adult who is eager to learn while possessing a foundation of versatile digital skills. Practicing the OMA model, they will get to know the company and the brand in a unique way. Quite quickly they will take ownership of the business and practically consider the employees as colleagues. The remaining working days they’ll be sitting in INEVO’s professional environment surrounded by like-minded and interdisciplinary people. The value of this is that they spar with colleagues and keep pace with all fields of the digital development. The implicit knowledge that arises from being physically present at a customers’ premises has been shown to improve the overall understanding of the company, its vision and foundation for success.